Travellers are given the privilege to shorten and combine their prayers. Shortening of the prayers is called qasar and and combining two prayers is called jama’.

Qasar prayers

Condition for validity of qasar prayers:

  1. The obligation to perform the prayer is whilst travelling and the prayer is performed whilst travelling
  2. The traveller must be out-of-town of origin
  3. The traveller do not intend to stay for more than 4 days excluding the day of arrival
  4. The traveller is not praying behind someone who is a resident

Jama’ prayer

There are two types of jama’ prayers

  1. Jama’ taqdim (early combine). Performing both prayers in the first prayer period
  2. Jama’ ta’khir (late combine). Performing both prayers in the second prayer period

Prayers that can be combined

  1. Zuhr and Asr
  2. Maghrib and Isha’

Conditions for jama’ taqdim

  1. Done in sequence of the prayer i.e. zuhr before asr, maghrib before isha’
  2. Must make intention to combine the second prayer during the first prayer
  3. Second prayer must be done immediately after the first prayer. Brief delay of no more than the duration of 2 rakaat is permissible
  4. Second prayer is done whilst still travelling

Conditions for jama’ ta’khir

  1. Making intention to delay the first prayer during the first prayer period e.g. intention to delay zuhr prayer is done during zuhr period
  2. Both prayers must still be while travelling
  3. May start with first or second prayer

Conditions for allowable travelling

  1. The distance must be at least 5o miles (81km)
  2. Aware of the intended destination
  3. Reason for travel is not for vice (sinful acts)

Men and Women During Prayer

Male prayer

Female prayer