Friday Prayer

Conditions for Friday prayer to be obligatory

  1. Muslim
  2. Baligh (reached the age of puberty)
  3. Sane
  4. Freedom. Slaves do not have the obligation
  5. Male
  6. Healthy (able to attend Friday prayer)
  7. Resident at the place of Friday prayer

Conditions for the validity of Friday prayer

  1. Held in town or village (residential area)
  2. Minimum of 40 people
  3. Held during the period of zuhr
  4. To be held at one place in a locality

Mandatory integrals of Friday prayer

  1. Two khutbahs
    • Khatib (the one doing the khutbah) standing up if he is able to. The two khutbahs must be separated by sitting down
    • Must be done prior to prayer
    • Khatib must be in the state of purity i.e. free from major and minor hadath
    • The mandatory integrals (rukun) of khutbah must be in Arabic
    • The mandatory integrals, firstand second khutbah must be done sequentially without any excessive time gap
    • The mandatory integrals are heard by the congregation
  2. Two rakaat of prayers in congregation
    • A latecomer who joins the prayer after the imam has done the bowing in the second rakaat is considered to have missed the Friday prayerand must complete the prayer as zuhr prayer

Mandatory integrals (rukun) of khutbah

  1. Praise to Allah ta’ala
  2. Salawat on the Prophet pbuh
  3. Remind the congregation to be taqwa to Allah
  4. Reciting a verse of the Quran in either the first or second khutbah. The verse must be meaningful
  5. Making du’a (supplication) for the believers in the second khutbah