1. It means being in a state of purification and cleanliness 
  2. One is physically purified from impurities called najis (filth) on his body, clothing and Immediate surrounding.
  3. One is spiritually purified from impurities called hadath 
  4. The lifting of these impurities will allow you to perform your solat, hence it is the condition if your ibadat being accepted
  5. What are the items that can be used for purification?
    • Water
    • Other pure liquid
    • Any clean dry solid such as soil, stone or paper


Definition: being in the state of impure due to the condition one is in.

There are 2 types of hadath:

  1. Major hadith
  2. Minor hadath

Why do we need to be pure before worshipping?

  1. It is a unique requirement in Islam that before we offer ourselves in devotion to our God, we must enter into a state of ceremonial purity in which we have to wash ourselves and made our mental state properly prepared
  2. To help us to change our state of mind while worshipping 
  3. To unite our physical condition (clean from najis) and our mind 

Major Hadath

  1. One is in a state of impure which requires Ghusl (obligatory shower) to be pure again
  2. Reasons of becoming impure
    • Menstruation
    • Post-natal bleeding
    • Wiladah
    • Sexual intercourse
    • Emission of fluids from both man (sperm) and women (sexual fluid)
    • Death except for martyr (a special topic later)
    • Upon becoming a Muslim / entering Islam

Minor Hadath

  1. It is a state of impure which requires taking wudhu (ablution) to become pure again
  2. If water is not available it can be replaced by Tayammum
  3. Reasons of becoming impure, that is wudhu is nullified